This month just flew by. I didn’t watch too many shows, or read too many books, I was rather busy with my work and my life. But there are few things to share:

  1. Music Chairs by Kristyna Archer

2. Liberation Kriya Challenge

I complete 40 day challenge as per inspiration from Lavendair.

3. Serious Performance by BTS in Gran Central

4. Friends Reunion



Hello beautiful souls, Happy end of February. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there feeling the difficulties of the second or third lockdown that we are all going through. We are all going through this alone, together.

This month might not have too many happy recommendations or too many inspiring ones as my mind can’t really process difficult and intriguing movies like I used to be able to watch. I’m only able to digest light, happy and joyful things. So here is what captured my in February:

1. Commercial: HK Ballet

2. Natural Colour Pasta

3. Film: Matilda (1996)

4. Book: The Flatshare