This month just flew by. I didn’t watch too many shows, or read too many books, I was rather busy with my work and my life. But there are few things to share:

  1. Music Chairs by Kristyna Archer

2. Liberation Kriya Challenge

I complete 40 day challenge as per inspiration from Lavendair.

3. Serious Performance by BTS in Gran Central

4. Friends Reunion

Hello you,
We are in Q2 of 2021, already? :)
I guess my first question to you my dear reader is, what did you learn in April? What sparked your imagination? Did you have a moment that took your breath away?

Personally, more and more I’m feeling grateful for an…

Hello beautiful souls,
I’m not sure about you, but March was a tough month. I feel tired, disconnected and across many places. I’m looking forward to feeling aligned, alive and joyful, but in order to feel that, I guess I needed to experience a month of low. …

Hello beautiful souls, Happy end of February. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there feeling the difficulties of the second or third lockdown that we are all going through. We are all going through this alone, together.

This month might not have too many happy recommendations or too many inspiring ones as my mind can’t really process difficult and intriguing movies like I used to be able to watch. I’m only able to digest light, happy and joyful things. So here is what captured my in February:

Has the new year started yet or is it just me feeling that January 2021 is an extension of 2020? In any case, let’s celebrate the progress of taking tiny steps towards better days. Happy New Year!

So… what has January been like? In news, the USA finally has a…

Well hello, December… Is this really you? The end of 2020? Really? :) Just kidding, there is still 10 days to go. Yes, this month’s recommendations are coming early as I’m planning to take the rest of 10 days of 2020 in remote surrounding away from the computer. However, this…

People, Literature, Movies, Theatre are my source of air. At Treasure Hunter I connect the dots, create collages, draw connections and I share what I feel is beautiful. In all forms. Every Month. Here are the best treasures I came across in 2020

I started this year with hope. It…

I’d like to begin November Treasure Recommendations with a beautiful two words that I head this month: Character Matters. This month started in anticipation. The whole world tunned into their screens to wait and see what will be the outcome of somewhat divided America. …

Treasure Hunter

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